Sunday, September 23, 2012

Nothing interesting

I have a cold or something, which is keeping me in bed, sniffling into tissues, so no post of any consequence for a few days.

When I get back to it, expect something on the early days of Tammy as I've started reading it from the beginning.

But while I'm here, I would like to say if you know of any other blogs or websites that deal with similar topics, ie. British girls' comics, please comment with a link as I'd like to connect with other people who have similar interests.

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  1. Hi thanks for putting this up.I got my annuals from my aunty at christmas times around the early eighties. It hasn't been till now ive taken to collecting tammy and other annuals and comics.Still reckon there is nothing around like these types of stories nowdays.Certainly enjoying the collecting got a stack of tammy comics the other day like 90 so that really got my collection going. Keep up the good work with the blog.From an Aussie Tammy Fan (Gabrielle)